Friday, October 31, 2014

The Ottawa Parliament Shooting: As It Happened


Wednesday morning in Ottawa, Canada, seemed like the start of any other October morning in the country's capital: Slightly chilly, a light breeze blew through the air and the sun was trying to peek through the clouds.

Rachael Mounce, a tourist, took a photo of the city's Parliament building, posting it with the caption, "good morning from Ottawa!" She was due to go on a tour of the building — but ultimately decided against it.

A photo posted by rachael mounce (@rachiee_m) on

Another man, Evanem, took a tour of the city's National War Memorial and snapped a photo of the two ceremonial guards standing beside it. Read more...


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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Filling Your Ice Machine With Candy Is the Only Kitchen Hack You Need


We can all agree that frozen candy totally tops frozen water.

Deric Peace submitted an image of his candy-filled ice maker to Reddit on Tuesday, which quickly got him upvoted to the front page of the website. Today he delivered with a video of his sugary, modified freezer in action.

The idea is so simple and amazing that we'll even forgive Peace for the vertical video

Just don't forget to shut off your ice maker.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brain-Sensor Wearable Headbands De-Stress You in Minutes


I'm staring at a beach and listening for seagulls in the distance. When a voice asks me to concentrate on my breathing, requesting I count in sequences of ten, I follow the command and my body starts to loosen.

But then I get distracted by the sounds of ocean waves nearby. I accidentally skip a number and I'm fixated on the mistake. In response to my elevated fluster, the wind starts to pick up, and I'm told only my brain waves can bring the cadence of the environment to normalcy again. Eventually, the wind resumes to a calm blow as I get back in control.

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Jawbone Drop Creates Tweet-Enabled Playlists for Your Jambox


Jawbone just made its Jambox speaker an even better party accessory.

The company rolled out a new music app, Jawbone Drop, that allows users to manage group playlists with tweets.

Unveiled at Twitter's Flight conference Wednesday, the app takes advantage of Twitter's newly announced Fabric platform so that Rdio and Spotify playlists can be controlled by groups of friends with tweets.

"It’s a new music app that elevates the social music experience to a whole new level — it plays music you’ll love with the touch of a button, takes requests from your friends in a seamless way, and constantly adapts to ensure everyone hears music that they’ll enjoy, " the company wrote in a blog post.


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